Fire Pump Testing

Fire Pump TestingA fire pump is an integral part of any fire sprinkler system. It can be driven by an electric motor or diesel engine. The fire pump takes water from the supply and adds pressure to deliver the water. The pump is referred to as the heart of a fire protection system because it delivers the water. Fire Protection Contractors understand the importance of a fire pump and are experts when it comes to testing them!

It is essential to test and maintain your fire pump regularly to ensure it performs during a fire. A pump must not fail! In an emergency, such as when sprinklers are activated, if the water demand exceeds the available supply of water, the pump will need to activate immediately! Not only could a fire cause severe property damage and shut down operations, it could be far more costly, such as a human life.

Why is it so important to get your fire pump tested? Testing your fire pump annually will assure the building owner, building occupants, fire and insurance departments that the pump will work as designed in the event of a fire.